our specialty Deliver a wide range of Services to support your objectives.
our mission achieve the highest results Providing Cost-effective Services and Solutions to meet your needs.
our business Bring Value to
our customers
develop and implement solutions to your challenges.

Welcome !

ATP2 is a company comprised of a group of dedicated professionals with expertise in providing program management, administrative support management, translation and interpretation services, role-play training and simulation solutions.

The wide variety of services and solutions offered to our clients can be delivered to any location throughout the United States. Our approach about the services offered is not cookie-cutter, but customer-driven.

ATP2 brings broad management and leadership experience, and assists in implementing delivering the best solution to our customers, at the right time, at the right functionality, the first time and every subsequent time.

Since cost efficiency is more than just a mere prerequisite to sustain high organizational performance, we always seek to find creative and unique solutions to meet our client's objectives. We offer quality-driven and cost-conscious solutions that reflect our commitment to service excellence.

The application of our proven best practices and our management approach to leverage the disciplines of planning, implementing, measuring, reporting, communicating, and adjusting resources to deliver outstanding program performance, assures success in meeting our client’s business objectives.


Our Philopsophy

ATP2 has essentially three core objectives that guide the company’s activities:


To constantly explore opportunities that will increase our client's efficiency and effectiveness.


To engage in strategic partnerships that enhances the services and solutions we provide to our clients.


To be recognized by our clients as a critical and committed partner.